About Us

Who We Are

The Quality Texas Foundation helps businesses, hospitals, schools, government agencies and non-profits improve performance. We educate, train, assess, provide feedback and recognize organizations committed to a journey of excellence. Quality Texas encourages use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and other methods that drive efficiency and effectiveness. Our work saves jobs, improves communities and creates a stronger state and nation, and ultimately a better world for mankind.

Some New Faces

The Quality Texas Foundation has a new CEO. His name is Dr. Mac McGuire who is not a stranger to most of those who have been associated with Quality Texas Examiner Training. Dr. Mac has been with Quality Texas since its inception in a variety of positions.

Dr. Mac is a National Baldrige Alumni Examiner and has served as a Quality Texas Foundation Board Member, Judge, and a member of the Training Faculty, to mention a few positions. He has worked in five different Baldrige Programs since 1990 and brings a wealth of knowledge about the Criteria to our program.