Reasons to Attend Examiner Training

Reasons to Become an Examiner

If you are have been approached about becoming an Examiner for Quality Texas or if you have wondered if you should, here’s a few reasons why you should become a Quality Texas Baldrige Examiner:

  • You help our country and our state get better by helping our organizations
  • You save jobs by helping organizations improve.
  • Assist your own organization by understanding how to systematically review your own products/services while gaining ideas from inside and outside your particular industry
  • Examiner oral skills, presentation skills, team building skills are but a small part of your own improvement – improves your BRAND!
  • Expands your intellectual network
  • Allows you to be around quality professionals and positive people like yourself

Additional information regarding Examiner trainings:

  • Examiner training will run from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm during all days of training. There may be an earlier release on the last day.
  • Pre-Examiner Training is intended for individuals who are new to the Criteria and are new to Quality Texas processes. This training will teach you the basic information and prepare you for the homework requirement for the Regular Examiner Training. This training is also encouraged for returning Examiners with less than three (3) years of Examiner experience. You will need to also attend Regular Examiner Training in order to participate with a team.
  • Regular Examiner Training is continually updated based upon the latest information and training of the national program. Quality Texas training also includes the latest information from Harvard Business Review and other sources.
  • New dates and registration for Pre-Examiner and Examiner Training are listed in more detail on the Training page.

“Being new to Baldrige and Quality Texas, there was so much to learn. The Pre-Examiner Training helped make the Regular Examiner Training more effective for me. Lots more dots got connected in my brain with the combination of Pre-Examiner and Regular Examiner Training.”                                       —Kevin Hart, MHA, BSN, RNC-NIC, Memorial Hermann Memorial City