Quality Texas Foundation Leadership

Board of Directors. The QTF is lead by a Board of Directors carefully crafted with successful individuals from all types of organizations. The Board is responsible for the overall strategic vision of the organization.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is responsible and accountable to the Board of Directors and is the senior full-time employee. The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day activities and the tactical operations. The CEO recommends the Strategic Plan to the Board of Directors for approval.

Chief Operations Officer (COO). The COO is responsible and accountable to the CEO and the Board of Directors for all operational events such as the conference and all training events.

Panel of Judges. The QTF Panel of Judges are individuals who have spent a considerable amount of time in being an Examiner, Scorebook Editor, Backup Team Leader, or as Team Leader. This Panel is instrumental in recommending Award winners to the Board of Directors.

Process Coaches. Process Coaches are volunteers that are assigned to make sure the Examiner Teams follow appropriate processes and assist the Team Leader in the execution of their duties.

Team Leaders. Team Leaders are volunteers who lead the Examiner Teams and are critical to the accomplishment of Examinations and specifically the Site Visit when appropriate. The Team Leaders are considered for higher levels with the organization.

Backup Team Leaders. The Backup Team Leaders (volunteers) assist the Team Leader and follow their lead in working with the Examiner Team.

Feedback Writer. The Feedback Writer works with the Examiner Team to provide the best possible feedback to the Applicant.