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January 6, 2015

As I am gathering information from our survey, I am amazed how many great friends I have in the Baldrige, Quality, and QTF family. If you have never attended our conference, you are missing an opportunity to meet and take time to talk to some of the best people in Texas (or any other state).

It is also amazing how much our Examiners gain from our training and how that translates into success in their respective organizations. As we start this new year, let me encourage our great team of volunteers to begin the process of recruiting others to become Examiners with QTF. Thanks again to all of you and your dedication and commitment to the Quality Texas Foundation.

December 27, 2014
Pages on Applications

QTF is going to change the page limitations on the Commitment Level from 15 to 20 pages maximum (+5 pages for OP as always) and on the Progress Level from 25 to 30 pages maximum (+5 pages for OP as always). This change is predicated on the need to provide a better stair step for the Award Level of 50 pages.

December 27, 2014
Recommended Use of Pages

Several organizations asks if QTF could provide for guidance purposes a proposed page list to help with putting the application together. Toward that effort, the following suggestions are provided. The page totals are simply a recommendation and not a hard and fast rule.

Engagement Level (10 pages + 5 page OP)  – 5 pages Organizational Profile, Cat 1 (1 page), Cat 2 (1 page), Cat 3 (1 page), Cat 4 (1 page), Cat 5 (1 page), Cat 6 (1 page), and Cat 7 (4 pages).

Commitment Level (20 pages + 5 pages OP; July 2015)  5 pages OP, Cat 1 (2 pages), Cat 2 (2 pages), Cat 3 (2 pages), Cat 4 (2 pages), Cat 5 (3 pages), Cat 6 (2 pages), and Cat 7 (7 pages).

Progress Level (30 pages plus 5 pages OP; July 2015) – 5 pages OP, Cat 1 (3 1/2 pages), Cat 2 (3 pages), Cat 3 (3 pages), Cat 4 (3 pages), Cat 5 (4 1/2 pages), Cat 6 (3 pages), and Cat 7 (10 pages).

Award Level (50 pages plus 5 pages OP) – 5 pages OP, Cat 1 (5 pages), Cat 2 (5 pages), Cat 3 (5 pages), Cat 4 (4 pages), Cat 5 (6 pages), Cat 6 (5 pages), and Cat 7 (20 pages).

Dr. Mac McGuire

 December 26, 2014
Survey Information

Over 40 people have responded to the survey and QTF thanks you for your time and consideration.

Examiner Training will be changed to reflect the needs of the Examiners and QTF. A time will be used to show and demonstrate Scorebook Navigator for all participants. Critiques and Evaluations of the Examiner Training will be used for further improvements. Our goal is for you to become a better employee and person as a result of this training.

The Conference will also experience some changes based upon your comments. QTF will do what is necessary to hold costs down and encourage more people to participate. We are lining up some great speakers for content as well as presentation. Try us out this year!


December 26, 2014
Pre Examiner Training

I hope you will check out our news page where we are scheduling a Pre-Examiner Course designed to help new Examiners (open to all but specifically for new Examiners) walk through the requirements of their homework. In the past, Quality Texas has sent you homework to do but has provided a narrative (no training) on how to complete the homework. Many Examiners have expressed a desire to have help with the homework. This Pre-Examiner Training Course is designed to do just that – help anyone with the homework requirements prior to attending the Examiner Course. A session with Scorebook Navigator is also being included in this course.

Individuals who take this three day course will be classified as returning Examiners for Examiner Training which we be held later in the August-September timeframe.  We will limit this first course to 45 people on a first come first serve basis with specific details on how to enroll coming early next year.

QT conducted a pilot course for 14 personnel in Dec 2014 and it was well received. Surveys indicate a need for this training.

Dr. Mac McGuire

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