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Information about the Fellows Program:

The Quality Texas Foundation (QTF) established the QTF Fellow designation as its highest recognition of achievement for individual service and contributions to QTF. QTF Fellows are selected from the broad pool of QTF stakeholders — Recipients, Applicants, or sponsoring organizations and/or individuals who have served in multiple roles over an extended period as members of the QTF Board of Directors, Board of Examiners, Panel of Judges, Process Observers, Program Office staff, and as members of other essential teams or committees supporting QTF or the Texas Award for Performance Excellence (TAPE).

The Fellow designation is given in recognition of outstanding, long-term service in a variety of leadership roles that contributed substantially to the achievement of the QTF mission, vision, strategies, programs, activities, and goals, and that resulted in positive impacts/contributions to the sustainability of QTF.

QTF Fellow Nominee Standards/Criteria:

  1. Is in good standing with QTF.
  2. Has been an active volunteer with QTF for at least 10 years.
  3. Has actively served in service and leadership positions in various program and foundation boards or committees over a significant portion of their service time to the QTF.
  4. Has made substantial contributions over a period of time that advanced the growth and professional stature of QTF.

QTF Fellow Designation Restrictions:

  1. No more than 3 designation awards shall be given each year.
  2. A designation award need not be given each year.
  3. An individual may receive the QTF Fellow designation only once.
  4. An individual does not have to be an active-volunteer at the time of the designation award as long as the QTF Fellow Nominee Standards/Criteria are met.

There is a formal process for nomination and selection of a QTF Fellow.

For more information on the Fellows Program, please contact:

Genie Dillon
QTF Fellow

Our Fellows

James Tew, now retired, was a Quality Assurance Operations Manager for Texas Instruments Defense Systems and instrumental in their Baldrige journey leading to recognition as a 1992 recipient. James was selected as a charter examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Board of Examiners participating in the first Baldrige Site Visit. James participated on the design team creating the Quality Texas Award.  As the award program launched, James was asked to serve as Chair of the Panel of Judges, serving 6 years. James proposed the Quality Texas Fellows recognition and later was selected as the first Quality Texas Fellow. The American Society for Quality has honored James as an ASQ Fellow.


Raymond Marlow worked in developing new semiconductor technology (thermoelectric cooling) for Chance Vought and Texas Instruments until they elected to exit thermoelectric business. In 1973, Raymond established Marlow Industries with a strong focus on Total Quality Management.  Marlow Industries was recognized as a Baldrige recipient in 1991.  Raymond continued promoting his passion for Baldrige and Quality Texas until his death in 2013.  Raymond was honored to be asked by the late Governor Ann W. Richards to be the founding chairman of the Quality Texas Foundation and he continued service on the Board of Directors for 11 years.


Warren Hogan is the Founder of the Hogan Center for Performance Excellence initiated in 1987 to provide training, consulting, and products that help organizations achieve higher levels of operational and financial performance. Six Baldrige and ten Texas Award for Performance Excellence recipients have been Hogan Center members.  Warren was an original member of the Board of Directors for Quality Texas Foundation and served over 10 years as a board member. Now in his “senior years and in the prime of his life,” he dedicates himself to helping people advance either their business (as an executive life coach), personal, or spiritual lives.


Vic Figurelli is a retired consultant with Shell Chemical Company. He was involved in the establishment of the Texas Baldrige-based Award process and served in many roles, including trainer for Examiners, Panel of Judges and Board of Overseers. In 2010, he founded the Williamson County Institute for Excellence established to help nonprofit organizations in Williamson County learn and apply principles of Organizational Excellence. He now enjoys emeritus status and volunteers for that organization as a facilitator.



Dale Crownover is the President and CEO of Texas Nameplate. Texas Nameplate received the Texas Award for Performance Excellence in 1996. They received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1998 and again in 2004. He has served as the Board Chair of the Quality Texas Foundation twice and as a Judge for the national Baldrige Program.  Dale was honored as a Quality Texas Foundation Fellow in 2007.



Genie Wilson Dillon retired in 2016 from Southcentral Foundation after working 7 years as an Improvement Advisor and as their Baldrige coach. Earlier improvement focused work was for Texas Instruments Defense Systems and the American Productivity & Quality Center.  Genie has been involved with Quality Texas since 1993 in various roles including: Award Administrator, Board of Overseer, Panel of Judges, Training Team, Process Observer, Feedback Writer, Examiner, and honored in 2007 as a Quality Texas Foundation Fellow. Genie also served the national Baldrige program for 4 years as Examiner, Senior Examiner and Feedback Writer.



William “Bo” McBee worked as a key leader at Compaq Computers (later to become Hewlett Packard) leading quality initiatives and their journey to being recognized as a recipient of the Quality Texas Award.  Bo served on the Quality Texas Board of Directors for 12 years and also served the national program as an examiner for many years. Bo was honored as a Quality Texas Fellow in 2008.



Vic Sassone is Principal of The Northlake Consulting Group, a training and consulting firm based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Vic’s passion is the development of servant leaders focused on individual and organizational performance excellence.  He joined QTF as an examiner in 1993, later becoming leader of the Examiner training program and member of the Board of Overseers.  Vic was honored to be recognized as a Foundation Fellow in 2008.


Barry Johnson is President of Knowledge Engineers, a consulting firm, in Dallas, TX. He has served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality in multiple capacities since the early 1990’s and with the Quality Texas Foundation since 1993 including roles as Examiner, Senior Examiner, Panel of Judges, and Board of Directors. In 2015, he was named the 9th QTF Fellow. Barry has been ASQ Six Sigma-Lean certified since 2003. He is a frequent contributor to various professional forums, making 10-15 presentations each year across the United States.


Laura Longmire is currently a Senior Partner with PeopleWorks International.  Prior to this position, she was Chief Knowledge Officer with the Stupski Foundation working in public education reform.  Before becoming involved in public education, she served as VP of Quality at Clarke American and held management positions for TI Defense Systems (both are Baldrige recipient organizations). Since 1994, Laura has served the Baldrige National Quality Award program as an examiner and alumni examiner.  Since 1999, Laura has served Quality Texas as a judge, examiner, process leader, trainer and feedback writer.  She was honored as a Quality Texas Foundation Fellow in 2016.


Tony Perez is retired from the University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence.  During his career, he was a Quality Engineering manager at Texas Instruments, Dell, and Motorola.  In 2016, Tony was honored as a Fellow with the Quality Texas Foundation where he has been actively involved since the inception in various roles, including Panel of Judges, Board of Overseers, and Training Faculty.  Tony is a National Baldrige Alumni Examiner and has worked in four different Baldrige Programs since 1990.  He is a Fellow with the American Society for Quality.


Paula Sommer is Managing Owner of Dynamics WorkSystems, LLC providing executive coaching in leadership, organizational, and management processes.  Paula is an ASQ Fellow, a recipient and chair for ASQ’s Ishikawa Medal, a certified Results Coach and a judge for ASQ’s Edwards Medal. Paula facilitates the Baldrige Superintendents’ Network for school districts.  Paula has served Quality Texas since the design phase in 1992 and later in various roles including Board of Overseer, Panel of Judges, Examiner Training Team, Examiner, Process Observer, and Feedback Writer.


Patrice Griffith is the Director of Quality, Safety and Outcomes Education at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.  She has volunteered with the Quality Texas Foundation, serving in many roles including Examiner and Panel of Judges for over 20 years. Pat was honored as a Quality Texas Foundation Fellow in 2016.  Pat has served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for over 15 years. Patrice is a senior ASQ member and maintains several ASQ certifications. 


Robert Vokurka is a retired Professor Emeritus of Operations Management at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. Robert previously worked in industry holding positions of controller and plant manager at Cooper Industries. Robert served on the Board of Directors of APICS, the Association for Supply Chain Management, including a term as international Chair of the Board. He served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for 13 years and with the Quality Texas Foundation for 13 years including roles of Examiner, Senior Examiner, Team Leader, Feedback Writer, Training Team, Panel of Judges, and Chair of the Panel of Judges. Robert is a senior ASQ member and holds several ASQ certifications.


Joe Muzikowski is a retired consultant, formerly employed by Solvay America in various executive positions. He has been involved with Quality Texas in various roles, including Board of Overseers, Training Team, Process Observer, Feedback Writer, and Team Leader, and was selected as a Fellow in 2017. Joe also served the national Baldrige program for over 20 years as an examiner, Chair of the Panel of Judges, and alumnus. In addition, Joe served on the Board of Directors for The Alliance for Performance Excellence, as well as in various roles for several other Baldrige-based programs, including the US Army’s Communities of Excellence and the VA Carey Award.


Debra Kosarek, with the North Central Texas Council of Governments, began with Quality Texas as an Examiner in 1994. She has served as a team leader, feedback writer/editor, Examiner trainer, and Board of Overseers (Board of Governors) member; ultimately serving as chair. During this time, Debra participated in various activities, such as the Examiner Training Team for 6 years, the Process Improvement Team/Award Process Team for 3 years, the Ethics Committee, the Feedback Team for 3 years, and several cycles as Process Observer for Examiner teams. In addition, Debra has served the national Baldrige program as an Examiner for 4 years.

For more info about our Fellows please contact Genie Dillon:

Genie Dillon
QTF Fellow