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October 27, 2016

QTF Examiner Training will soon be over and QTF wants to thank all those who participated. In Houston, there were 70 people to be trained.

March 30, 2016

Award and Recipients Announced

2016 Award Level

Alamo Community Colleges District Support Operations, San Antonio

2016 Achievement Level

City of Tyler, Tyler

Deli Management, Inc. (Jason’s Deli), Beaumont

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, Katy

2016 Progress Level

City of El Paso, El Paso

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital, Houston

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas, Arlington

2016 Commitment Level

Peterson Regional Medical Center, Kerrville

Texas Hospital Association, Austin

2016 Engagement Level

GenCure (BioBridge), San Antonio

City of Austin Building Services Department, Austin

Thanks to these great organizations who are continually improving.

 March 8, 2016

QTF just completed a very successful Leadership Development Seminar that had 100% satisfaction in most areas. A total 53 people attended and validated the need for more of these types of seminars in the future. Watch for additional programs of this nature designed to improve the organizations and the individuals in the organizations.


August 7, 2015

A Tribute to Raymond Marlow, Quality Texas Fellow Extraordinaire

Will Rogers said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”   These words were also said by Raymond Marlow, one of the founders of the Quality Texas Foundation at a planning meeting of visionary leaders dreaming of a state award program to encourage performance excellence. The year was 1992 when Raymond, in his gentle and encouraging way, pulled me aside and shared these words. It was a “call to action” and encouragement to keep improving and considering possibilities.

Raymond Marlow was passionate about the importance of focus on quality – both in his business ventures and in how he treated employees, customers, and suppliers. Under his leadership, Marlow Industries was a 1991 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient and he was a catalyst for the Quality Texas Foundation, serving on the original design team and also the Board of Directors for many years. He was honored to be recognized as a Quality Texas Fellow for his years of support, contributions, and commitment to making the dream of developing a state level award for performance excellence to be the robust and outstanding program of today, 25 years later. Raymond Marlow passed on October 11, 2013 after a brief battle with cancer. His influence and results of his work continues on. Somehow I think Raymond would be proud to know that we are still moving down the track that he helped build.   We are not sitting still. If he were still here – with his genuine, caring, and inspiring spirit – Raymond would be encouraging us (like he always did) to keep focus on the next set of tracks that need to be built. And, so we will move ahead and not just sit still. After all, that is what Raymond and all those we served those early years would encourage us to do.

Genie Dillon August 7, 2015

CEO Footnote. While I did not know Raymond very well, he was a beacon for QTF and Genie has defined his contribution to our communities, our state, and our nation. He was a keeper of the “Quality Flame.” Genie, another wonderful person, has adequately defined his unique contribution to our organization. RIP, your legacy continues!

Dr. Mac McGuire, CEO, Quality Texas Foundation


December 27, 2015

QTF Professional Services

QTF can provide a number of professional services either taught by the CEO or one of our consulting partners.

Strategic Planning – QTF can provide training on strategic planning, assist an organization in developing their own strategic planning process, facilitate the development of a strategic plan, and perhaps assist in plans for strategic plan deployment.

Leadership Development Programs – QTF can help members and applicants with the tailoring of a multitude of classes designed to maximize leadership development.

Application Writing Seminars – QTF can provide members and applicants with low cost writing seminars designed to assist and expedite the learning for the organization.

Other Seminars or Webinars – QTF can assist your walk along your Baldrige journey and would be happy to work with your organization either with QTF staff or one of our trusted consultants

Dr. Mac